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Seamlessly merging business and lifestyle, Oakridge Business Park is a sanctuary within the city with refreshing open spaces, diverse dining and lifestyle destinations, and personalized business opportunities and event celebrations.
The masterfully planned development allows progressive minded businesses and professionals to thrive in an environment that values a dynamic balance between work and leisure.
Oakridge Business Park is the first developmental project of Oakridge Realty Development Corporation (ORDC), the real estate property arm of LH Paragon Inc. that develops and manages multiple real estate properties. ORDC has recently expanded its inventory to include industrial warehouse solutions to address the space requirements of the booming e-commerce business.
Oak Tree Drive
Oak Tree Drive 2
Oakridge Flex
Oakridge I.T. Center 1
Oakridge I.T. Center 2
Oakridge I.T. Center 3
Block Eighty Eight
Oakridge Pavilion
Oakridge Horizons Cafe
Oakridge Executive Club

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